The rain

Singing in the rain

How many times have you heard in the news the amount of rain that has fallen in a city? Surely many. Do you know how and with what instrument can rain be measured? 

In this activity you will know how. 

Let´s start visiting the following link (you can stop the video at 1:35):

Rainfall and rain-gauge



What do you think? Do you dare to measure? 

Create a table in a spreadsheet in which you record rainfall that occurs over a week. The data in the table can be invented or you can obtain them from the following link:

Para localizar los datos que necesitas, selecciona una comunidad autónoma y una estación de recogida de datos pluviométricos. En la siguiente imagen tienes un ejemplo. La columna "R" es la columna que recoge los datos de las precipitaciones.

Captura de pantalla. Tabla de precipitaciones. Fuente: AEMET.
Captura de pantalla. Tabla de precipitaciones. Fuente: AEMET.
Below there is an example of a rainfall log template. Keep it on your tablet before you start working with it.

  • Tabla plantilla ejemplo. 

Generate a representative graph of the values obtained after completing the table.

Source: wikimediacommons


Let's practice together
Informational mural

Now you know a little more about the weather and rainfall. But do you know how they are produced? With this new task you will investigate about it.
Join two of your classmates to form a group. Are you ready? First of all, investigate the rain, how is it produced? and the water cycle? Visit the following link to inform you:

Now, create a digital poster that reflects how rainfall occurs. This poster must also reflect the following information:

  • Process by which rainfall occurs.
  • The water cycle
El ciclo del agua
El ciclo del agua

Fuente: Intef

To complete your poster, use the digital resources available on the web (images, videos, other informative links you find, etc.).
Look for the images in these image banks:

You can also search for videos and more information in these search engines:

Finally, to finish the task, create a presentation about the water cycle. This presentation will include two slides:

  • In the first, include the name of the task and that of the group members.
  • In the second, a text box that collects the characteristics of the water cycle and allusive photos.

You can use the previous image banks to locate the photos and edit them.
Once your presentation on the water cycle is finished, send it to the teacher for review.