Ancient Civilizations

The Ancient Age began at the end of the Iron Age, that is prehistory, and it starts with the appearance of writing around four thousand (4.000) years before Christ and ends with the fall of the Western Roman Empire around five hundred (500) years after Christ.

The main characteristics of the Ancient Age are the following:

- The political power was in the hands of the kings, emperors and pharaohs and they had the  maximum authority. 

- The population began to divide into free men and slaves

  • The free men could enjoy many rights as well as own lands and slaves. 
  • The slaves were generally prisoners of war or children born from slaves. They had no rights and always had to do the most difficult jobs.

- Trade between cities grew in relevance, allowing a great intercultural exchange to take place. 

- The first architectural wonders arose, such as the Egyptian pyramids, the Acropolis with its temples for religious and cultural gatherings in Greece and theaters and circuses where fearsome gladiators fought in Rome.