Video about germination process.

Germination is the process in which a plant emerges from a seed and begins growing.

Everything a plant needs to start its life is contained within the seed. 

Seeds like to be in certain conditions before they can germinate and become a plant, they like:

- Moisture (water)

- Warmth: if it´s too hot or cold, seeds won´t grow.

- Soil: in order to get nutrients.

- Sunlight: so they can do the photosynthesis as soon as possible.


Plant cycle

The plant cycle, as every cycle, has no beginning and has no end. It keeps going on and on and on.

We can talk about 5 different stages on the plant cycle:

1.- Seeding.- The seed goes underground.

2.- Germination.- Under the right conditions, the seed is going to become a new plant.

3.- Growth.- The new plant grows and develops its stem, branches and, eventually, flowers.

4.- Pollination.- Insects, such as bees, pick pollen up from flowers and leave it on other flowers.

5.- Fertilisation.- The pollen goes down the style and joins the eggs of the flower making new seeds.

6.- Seed dispersal.- New seeds need to go far from the mother plant in order to grow.

Once the seeds are on the ground again, the cycle starts all over again.