Metal Ages

(6.000 - 1.000 BC)

Humans learnt to use metal to make objects.

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The Stone Age is over, metals are stronger and can be sharpened better than stone.

Metal Ages are divided in three different periods:

- Copper Age (la Edad del Cobre)

- Bronze Age (la Edad de Bronce) 

- Iron Age (la Edad del Hierro)

Remember that societies had changed, now they were sedentary. That gave people time to think, investigate and try new things. 

Some historians say that one day humans found odd stones in the river, they realized that those stones could be shaped, they didn´t break as regular stones and people learned how to work with them.

Making metal has three steps:


At first they smelt the mineral on the fire. To melt them, the fire must be very hot so air is added with the bellows.


Then, they pour the molten metal into the mould to make the shape of the tool. When the metal is cold they remove it.


Finally they cut off the excess metal and polish the tool to make it smooth and sharp.


New Inventions 

The Wheel

The wheel enabled the invention of the cart which allowed peopled to transport more goods further and easily.

The plough

The plough pulled by oxen or donkeys, enabled the ground to be worked more efficiently, which means they could have better crops... more food.

The sail

The sail made it possible for boats to be pushed by the wind. Since then, people could travel further discovering new lands and cultures.


How they lived

As a result of the those inventions, people had more food, so they lived longer and population increased. Some villages became small cities. These cities were surrounded by walls and had new buildings like shops and workshops.

Metalworking was difficult, so specialists appeared. Trade and specializations increased social inequalities. They didn´t all work as farmers sharing the crops as they used to do during the Stone Age. 

Villages and towns were bigger and everyone had different jobs, now there were rich and poor people.