Living vs non-living things 

(seres vivos e inertes)

Everybody can say whether something is alive or not, but how do we know when things are alive? 

Can you explain explain the differences between a living thing (organism) and a non-living thing?


Here you have some online games to prove you can tell whether something is a living thing or not.


Let´s set some basic concepts so we can carry on without getting confused:

- Living thing: it is anything that is or has ever been alive.

- Non-living: it is anything that is not now nor has ever been alive.

- Non-living is different from dead.


Characteristics of living things (organisms)

1.- Living things are BORN              

2.- Living things GROW

3.- Living things REPRODUCE (have babies)

4.- Living things NOURISH (eat)

5.- Living things RESPOND TO STIMULI                             

6.- Living things DIE



- Make a list of living and non-living things.

- Explain if any of the non-living things have any of the characteristics of the living things.

Activity (Art)

Option 1.- Make a living thing using non-living materials. 

Option 2.- Makea non-living thing using living materials.