Climates of Spain

La lluvia en Sevilla es una maravilla

Do you know the different climates in Spain? Surely when you have traveled the country or have seen the news, in the same month in some areas people wear summer clothes, while in others they already start wearing clothes that warm up a little more. Surely you have also seen different types of landscapes. In this task you will investigate the climates in Spain and how it affects the landscape.

Join a classmate to form a partner. Are you ready? Now, visit the following links where you will find about the climates and vegetation in Spain:

Surely by now you know what the climates are in the peninsula: oceanic, Mediterranean, continental, mountain and subtropical. 

You can practice with this interactive game: online game


Activity 1

Now you will deepen each one of them, gathering information that responds to each of the following points:

  • Weather characteristics.
  • Vegetation characteristics.
  • Areas of Spain where it is located.
  • Two images for each type of weather.

Look for the images for each type of weather in the following image banks:

Collect this information in a table, in a spreadsheet. In this way you will have a more complete view of each of the climates. You can use the following template where the table is included. Keep it on your computers before starting to work with it.


Activity 2

Watch the video.

Record in groups a video giving the news of the weather. 

It will be easier for you if you use the information collected in the template.


Knowledge is power

Have you ever heard of climate change? It is getting hotter and the temperature of the Earth rises. That causes damage to plants, animals and people. This must be fixed! Do you dare to investigate how to do it?

In groups, watch the video.

Interesting, right? Now it's your turn. With all the knowledge acquired throughout the previous activities and with imagination create a video of awareness about climate change. This video should inform about the situation in which the planet and the human being is, and how we can help solve it. 

Before you start recording, you must be clear about the content and text of your video. To do this, write down the information you want to transmit and how you want to transmit it. When you have the document ready, share it with your teacher.

After recording, edit the video and include music to make it more attractive.