Carnivore Plants

Carnivore plants are plants that eat little animals such as insects.

They eat animals because they live in places where the soil is very poor and it doesn´t have enough nutrients for growing healthy and strong.

There are almost 600 species of carnivore plants, but they basically use 5 different type of traps:

1.- Pitfall traps (cucuruchos) trap the prey in a rolled leaf that contains a pool of digestive enzymes or bacteria.

2.- Flypaper (pelos pegajosos) use a sticky liquid that traps the insects.

3.- Snap traps (cepos) utilize rapid leaf movements that clamp the insects.

4.- Bladder traps (vejigas de succión) suck in prey with a bladder that generates an internal vacuum.

5.- Lobster traps, also known as eel traps, force prey to move towards a digestive organ with inward-pointing hairs.