As busy as a bee

Bees might seem like something to be avoided because they can sting, but they are an important part of our world. Without bees, we might not have flowers, fruits, vegetables, and other plants.

The video shows the bee going inside the flower to collect nectar but the bee emerges with pollen on its leg. 

It flies off to another flower for more nectar and deposits the pollen from the snapdradon (it´s the flower´s name) onto another flower. 

The yellow thing on the bee's leg is the nectar collecting basket.

Let´s play a game, I am going to show you some insects, try to guess which are bees and which are not bees. Don´t cheat, please.


The truth is that there are only 4 bees: Honey, Leaf Cutter, Mining bee and Mason bee.

Why do you think some insects would want to look like bees?


Where do bees live? The hive

There is a question I´ve always wanted to answer, why do bees make the cells of their hive with hexagone shape? why not with circles?